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Entering into the real estate industry can be the most freeing and blissful career path you can take, and yet it can also be one of the most difficult and stressful industries to break into! The Fallout of New agents is astronomical being that 75% of all new agents quit in their first year and studies show that 87% of all agents bail out in their first 5 years! I am a firm believer that most people over estimate what they can do in a year and severely under estimate what they can do in 5 years. That being said after you get your license and become a Realtor there is a fire hose of information being shot at you at high speeds and most people cannot handle it or they do not pick the right information to pursue.




Client Testimonials

Devin is an exceptional coach with a wealth of knowledge. His expertise paired with his skill of teaching and coaching, has helped me break down each of my goals and become laser focused on achieving them. The accountability and expectations he holds you to each week is strategically designed to push you towards achieving great success. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Elishia Rosipko

Realtor, Elishia Rosipko Keller Williams

Devin is a gifted coach and mentor! He helps you distill your efforts and become ultra focused on the things that will truly move the dial for your busienss! He helps you gain and maintain absolute clarity on your goals and helps you build the framework to reach them. I have worked with dozens of people in the business coaching and none of them can hold a candle to Devin! I commend him to you without reservation!

Frank Geric

Realtor, Frank Geric, Keller Williams Realty Greater Cleveland Northeast

Passion and knowledge in my opinion are the two biggest things you need to reach your goal. Those two words describe Devin perfectly, he is absolutely the most passionate person from helping others in real estate or just helping in general and the amount of knowledge he throughs on top of that is outstanding. I recommend Devin to anybody for anything he’s amazing!!

Chandler Jekutis

Realtor, Team Hazen Keller Williams LLC

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