Should I hire an assistant?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Clients, Marketing, Mindset

Should I hire an assistant?


How do you know it is time to hire? 

It is 10am in the morning and you are sitting at the office with a million things running through your mind and instead of creating a SUCCESS list and beginning to prioritize what needs done, you begin to feel overwhelmed and decide to go get the 3rd cup of coffee instead.  You get back to your desk and realize nothing magically got done while you were gone and then in order to make yourself feel better you write down get coffee and cross it out.  Does this sound like someone you know? Someone close to you??? If this resembles your morning then it may be time to hire an assistant to help keep you on track and on task with your most important priorities, and possibly to get that coffee for you!

What will this assistant be doing? 

This is an easy answer and NO it is not just a list of things you despise doing!!!! DO NOT get this wrong, this hire can be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you or the biggest nightmare you could imagine!  The activities that your assistant should start with are the 80% of tasks from your job that do not make you money$$$. The 80/20 rule has been around for a long time and states that the 20% of your activities will yield 80% of the result and vise versa!  This means instead of checking your email, or sending out a newsletter, or grabbing that cup of coffee, you should be tending to client needs, generating new business, cultivating relationships and negotiating contracts to ensure you get paid! The assistant can take care of the rest!  The rest becomes her top 20%!!!  

I don’t have the money to pay them…

WRONG! You cannot afford not to pay them!  Let me ask you a question about your mindset.  If you had the opportunity to make $1000 per hour and pay someone to do the tasks that would make you $12 an hour would you?  The answer is YES! Actually you would probably pay them more than $12 an hour! Now imagine your weeks only having to focus on your top 20% activities and how much more $$ you could be making, and about how much more time you just bought back!  Now I know I am talking to some newer agents here too that do not have any closings and are afraid to make a commitment to hire, Let me ask you this, are you motivated enough to get up every day and do the top 20% forget about the other “STUFF” and live the life you desire?  Now imagine you were responsible for someone else’s livelihood, family, career, do you think that is a higher level of motivation that might stretch you into doing things you might not otherwise have done? When you have someone dependent upon your ability to perform, the motivation sky rockets and you will soon be making more money and will want to hire them in full time, and then will be itching for your next hire!

What to do from here.

Take the Drunk monkey you know the little voice in your head telling you that you cannot do this, or you cannot afford it or that you are not worth it and Shove a sock in his mouth and take action!  Start defining what your top 20% is and then everything else becomes the job description. Then decide your pay structure and do not CHEAP OUT! If you want quality hire quality! Then get real and Call me to formulate your plan for success!


Happy Hiring!  #Coachdevinhazen

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