Do you have Million $$ goals on a $50k MINDSET?

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Mindset

Do you have Million $$ goals on a $50k MINDSET?


When you think about all of the big goals and dreams you have, how does it make you feel? GREAT! Should be your answer and normally it is. As we sit and dream and think about the future, we wish to create our blood rushes our senses heighten and our brains go on overdrive! So why is it that all these great feelings and thoughts never seem to come to fruition? Well it is because you have not connected the right WHY to it!

Have you ever wondered “why can I not find the energy to pursue these dreams, these magnificent goals that seem to elude me each day then month and then year?” Relax you are not alone! You just have not focused on the right activity yet! Most people have dreams and goals and never become the person they need to be to achieve them. We all think we just cannot achieve and it just is not in the cards for us, however take a moment and think back to a time where you excelled at a high level! Now think for a moment on the feelings and emotions that went into that accomplishment. More than likely you had a bigger WHY than the goal you set out to achieve! This is where true success and motivation come from.

So, what is your WHY? How do you find it? where should you start? These are all great questions that elude most of us and finding the WHY is the key to your success and motivation! Begin by taking a trip back in your past and define a moment that was life changing, define a moment that pushed you beyond your limits of what you thought was possible, and define a moment that you achieved that goal or dream.

This will open your mind to your WHY! Most people think their why is money, it is way way deeper than that! What is important to you about that money? What will it be used for? Ultimately what do you get from attaining it? What does your family get? What does the world get? Once you can answer these questions you will begin to create a WHY more in line with your dreams!

Likely you will have to do some digging and create some emotion that on a daily basis you are to numb to the world around you to really find. This is time of reflection. As for me I have 2 defining moments that created the WHY I needed to push and pursue my dreams and goals. First was as a child I watched my mother the strongest woman alive work numerous jobs to support us as kids, to support us in life, health, happiness and to give us the chance that she never had to really pursue and go after whatever it is, we chose to do. I remember my sister essentially raising me as my mom had to work just to make sure we had food to eat and clothes on our backs and even though things were always tight she made it happen and made life comfortable and enjoyable for us. Well as much as I appreciated that I appreciated the lesson it taught me even more and that is not to waste a moment of life, and that my children will not have to sacrifice a parent to live life. My daughter and her ability to pursue her passions and dreams are all that matters to me and the ability to be there and watch her grow up and become the person she will be is the greatest gift my mother gave me! I am eternally grateful and blessed to have had such a wonderful mother who sacrificed so I could have and give. The second thing was as a child I struggled with many health ailments and continue to this day to stay healthy and curb the effects. I remember being in and out of the hospital a lot at a young age, I had epilepsy, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever as a young child and again Mom was always there! I had seizures up into fifth grade was my last, However the issues did not stop, I have been hooked up to every machine, test, study you can think of for my heart, as we believe some of my ailments as a child did permanent damage to my heart, I am an extreme bradycardia with a resting heart rate in the 30’s, an enlarged heart and my heart only pumps 42% of the blood through each pump instead of the average 64% for the normal human heart, All of this causes light headedness, not enough oxygen to the other organs causing fainting or blackout spells, shortness of breath and easy tiring or fatigue. All of this has caused me at age 14 when I had to get a physical to play sports and overheard some of the conversation about future issues that could come up and possibly only living to 50 years old that I Made a decision to RETIRE at 40 so I could enjoy the last 10 years! Well I am happy to report that without medication and without surgery I have been able to overcome and I feel I am in near the best shape of my life, I have increased my resting heart rate into the 40’s and my Percentage of blood up to 48%, still work to do yet I am on the right track. Oh and by the way on track to retire at age 39!

I share all of this with you not for sympathy however for humility and to invoke some emotion so that you may find your Route to your WHY! All of life has taught me 2 important things! Number one: you get what you deserve in your imagination! If you choose to have a great life, a healthy life a great family and plenty of money you first have to envision it, you then have to become who you need to be to achieve it and then you have to do the actions that that person would do to have what they have! Number two is that life is short and you should never allow a bad minute to consume what is a miracle of a day you are alive! That your family is only here for an unknown period of time and to hold them close and enjoy your time together, and that your true legacy lies with being the best version of you for the world! Whatever your passion is, pursue it. Whatever your motivation comes from consume it, and whatever contributions you can give to the world around you share it!

So I will leave you with this! What is your WHY??? And is it BIG ENOUGH to develop and achieve your dreams? You all have a WHY otherwise you would not be here! Have a great day and enjoy the miracle in which you are living in!

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