From a young age I have always had a passion for helping people and seeing people succeed!  This has been a BURNING passion in my life for as long as I can remember!  I was always a leader on my sports teams growing up, focused on helping those around me to perform and to get better, all while pushing myself to the highest levels of excellence!  I have Hired, trained, developed, promoted and engaged over 2,000 employees, clients, teammates, and youth and engaged them to produce the results that lead to the ultimate success formula! 

Early Development 

I truly started to realize my purpose and my passion when I was hired in at Wendy’s, yes Wendy’s!  I Was hired at the age of 15 and immediately took an active role in improving the stores performance and the teams performance, I remember spending my lunch breaks in the back break room reading the operations manual and looking for the best practices to ensure smooth operation and efficiency!  For this I was made fun of, however i did not let that phase me as I quickly became a crew leader and was put in charge of shift plans, positioning, and even got into some of the interview process at 16 years old!  I was allowed to be promoted at 17 to a shift manager where normally you had to be 18 and graduated from high school.  This is where I took the business to a new level!  My team and I built night time standards and systems to improve store performance and speed!  We became the quickest drive thru lane, surpassed over 2 million in sales and was recognized as shift manager of the quarter several times!  I was the youngest store manager at that time in franchise history at 18 years old!  Where I was in charge of over 44 employees and operating a multi million dollar business through systems and models, earning numerous awards and certificates along the way.  From there I went into multi unit management for a competitor and used my skill in hiring, development and system building to train, coach and develop all over Northeast Ohio!

Getting into Real Estate 

Moving into the real estate business can be a stressful decision and a-lot of planning goes into the decision to FIRE YOUR BOSS and become your own!  For me it was a process that started back in 2011 when I unknowingly became an accidental investor!  I SOLD my house using an agent however due to circumstances beyond my control I ended up with 2 mortgage payments and had to move quickly to make sure I could pay them, so I rented to friends!  DO NOT DO THIS!  After I got them out of the house we began to rent the home and started to understand how this could be a huge benefit and way of making money for us that we had yet to think about!  Then in 2016 I had enough of working for a corporation that strangled creativity and I decided to start real estate schooling!  I passed my exam on the first try in just over an hour (they give you 3) and BAM I am now officially licensed to sell people’s largest financial asset anywhere in the state of Ohio!  SERIOUSLY????  So luckily I joined Keller Williams Realty the #1 training company in the world and I spent the next 8 months learning, absorbing, shadowing, and building what now is essentially a 7th level business that can run without me. I used the KW platform to build my processes and to put together a great system for HIGH level customer service!  

 Success as a Realtor

Since becoming licensed in 2016 I have along with my AWESOME team been able to capture #9 ranked REALTOR® in my market center in my first year earning me the Rookie of the year award, I have been appointed to the KW Agent leadership council, International agent leadership council, and local Board of directors, served on over 9 committees, I have been the Lake and Geauga area Tomorrow’s leaders today appointee for our Ohio REALTORS® conference, have taught classes in multiple states, attended classes in over 10 states, coached agents in multiple states and built a real estate sales team that is poised to take the top spot in our local market in the next 3 years with expansion plans in place for minimum 6 states!  When you FOCUS on the right things great things happen for you!





How I Can Help You 

I am a firm believer that most people over estimate what they can do in a year and severely under estimate what they can do in 5 years. That being said after you get your license and become a Realtor there is a fire hose of information being shot at you at high speeds and most people cannot handle it or they do not pick the right information to pursue. That is where we come in, You see you do not learn how to be a successful real estate agent in real estate school, quite frankly you only learn how to pass your test and how not to get sued! Here at Rockstar coaching we believe in the fundamentals and getting agents on track to their goals early by coaching and developing leadership and leverage into their business! You will learn and develop critical skills such as business planning, metric tracking, focused learning plans and HIGH levels of accountability! Quit thinking small and start thinking BIGGER than you ever have and beat the odds and create the life by design you are searching for!

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